About us

Our story began when we met at a Los Angeles based architecture school. Chloe's passion for art and design; and David's passion for wood working and detailing have come to form FigureGrain.

We design everything we make. Our design process begins with the understanding of the user experience which translates to a range of creative ideas, we sketch, 3D model, fabricate full scale prototypes, put them to the test, identify the problems, redesign, implement and repeat. Each step is time consuming but we enjoy and value the rigors of the process.

Our objective is to solve common problems on each product and design them in a beautiful, balanced and simple form that can improve the user experience as well as the aesthetic of one’s space.

Our promise is to deliver excellent craftsmanship on each product purchased. We believe in giving back to mother nature. Join us to plant a forest one tree at a time. Thank you for supporting our store!